Welcome to my website! I’ve always felt that a website dedicated to yourself is incredibly self-indulgent. But apparently, it is fairly normal. So… welcome.

Just in case you’ve navigated here on accident, I’ll introduce myself. Hi! I’m Jillian. I write contemporary romance. My tagline is Love is a Verb and I’ve had quite a few people ask about what that means. It means that love isn’t just something you feel – it’s something you DO. It’s a behavior, an action. The characters I write subscribe to this mentality. Yes, sometimes that verb becomes sexy times. But most often, that verb is regular conversation, working through problems, believing in each other, and being on the same team. It’s the way I live my life with my husband, and I want my characters to benefit from it too.

In the new year, I’m starting a few NEW things:

  • Monday Minute: a review of the past week in a quick and dirty post. My plan is for these to take only a minute to read, so the posts will be pretty short.
  • Thoughtful Thursday: One Thursday each month, a post will be shared about a topic that means something to me… something that has challenged me or made me reflect.
  • Lazy Sunday: On the last Sunday of each month, I’ll put together a list of the books I’ve been reading and provide overviews and suggestions for what to grab.

So keep an eye out for these posts!

I hope you enjoy yourself as you snoop around! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments! I love to hear from fans 🙂