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I’ve been playing around with Charlie and Jeremy’s story in my head for the past year. I didn’t think I was ready to write it, as I had another story on my mind. But in October, the motivation to wrap up the stories of some very beloved secondary characters from The Keeper was overwhelming.

So I started writing what really happened between the two four years ago… when we found out that Rachel was not at all impressed with her older brother’s bedding tactics… when Jeremy seemed a bit disappointed that Charlie had suddenly become off-limits in a very real way… and when Charlie’s heart was shattered like glass.

We are about 12 weeks from release day, and all of the pieces of Keep Away are coming together.

I’ve been handing you pieces of my heart for four years, and you keep throwing them to the ground like they’re worthless. If I don’t walk away now, there won’t be anything left to give to someone who does want to love me some day.

Add Keep Away to your TBR list on Goodreads today!


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