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Welcome to the first Monday of 2019! We are just seven days in to a new year and I’ve been completely floored by how on top of my game I’ve been. I’m working hard on my upcoming release, Like You Mean It, and think I just might make my deadline, which I definitely didn’t think was possible when I first started writing Carly and Fin’s story.

I’ve also been making some better choices health-wise for eight days now (I started on the 31st). Drinking tons more water and eating a lot more fruit and veg, and exercising with my hubs.

Even though my office shouldn’t be a priority when I’m on deadline, I’ve also been getting things organized in my new space. Kanban board, graduate diploma, and word count tracker are up!

Lastly, hubby went back to college today! At 36 years old. Such a big day for him and I am so proud. He’s super nervous because he was told all growing up that he isn’t college material, but I can’t wait for him to be blown out of the water when he realizes just how capable he is.

That’s it for today! Have a glorious week, and I love your faces!!


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