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This past week has brought about quite a bit of change in our house. My husband went back to college at 36. I’ve been making adjustments with my schedule to accommodate exercise and healthier eating. We’ve both reorganized our spaces to prioritize staying on top of our goals and valuing personal time to work or do homework. And this year, we decided to go back to church.

And what a phenomenal experience it has been. Danny got his first homework assignment back with a perfect score. I’ve lost some actual weight and feel lighter in my chest. Both of us are keeping on top of what we want to achieve. And we’re enjoying our new church community.

It is so, so easy to focus only on the negatives when change is abundant. But in our house, we’re choosing positivity. Aggressively choosing positivity. And we are seeing that choice motivate us to work harder, be better than we were before.

That wraps up my super quick Monday minute for this week! I hope this week allows you to enjoy the changes happening in life and gives you courage to pursue the goals you have for yourself.

Love your faces!!


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