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When I first started planning the changes to my website, I had a very clear picture of what Thoughtful Thursday was going to look like.

“I’ll write something thoughtful,” I told myself with a pat on the back for my ingenuity. Clearly I’m a genius.

But as I sat down this week to come up with a topic that meant something to me, I realized that this focus for a blog post isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

I’m not interested in writing about politics because everything happening in our government right now makes me so angry that I can barely write this sentence.

I don’t think writing about religion is a good fit, mostly because I’m not an overly religious person and, even though I’ve recently decided to go back to church, I don’t see that as something I want to reflect on in a public space.

I went through other topics as well. I can’t talk too often about my husband or everyone will think we have some strange self-obsessive cult. I don’t know if my family would ever be comfortable with me writing about them (especially not my mom. Hey mom!) And any reflections on my past seem a little too self-indulgent.

So what, then, am I supposed to write about?

In my intensive Google search for a topic, I was inspired by how many people treat Thoughtful Thursday as an action, rather than an opportunity for reflection. This has prompted me to change what Thoughtful Thursday is going to be about. Instead of focusing on what I think and using this as a venue to bore people with what I have to say about ‘insert topic here,’ I’m going to share things I do and reflect on what that experience meant to me.

Thoughtful Thursday will be a recap of something I do during the month that is meant to serve others. And while I haven’t ironed out all of the details yet, I hope you’ll be interested in hearing about it as this concept grows and takes on a life of its own. Because if I’ve learned anything over the past year, it is that giving, connecting, and serving others are amazing joys in life.

I look forward to sharing what this looks like with you on the next Thoughtful Thursday. Look for the first real post in February.


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