MONDAY MINUTE – 02.04.19

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It’s so amazing how quickly things can change. Last week, I used my Monday Minute to talk about how stressed I’d been, how anxious I’d been feeling, how behind I felt like I was.

This week, so much has changed.

I finished my next book. Like You Want It is finally done, and the countdown to release day is on!

I’ve plowed through my todo list.

I lost weight because I decided to keep pushing forward with my healthy choices even though I was stressed.

I’m playing around with a new business concept that is bringing me all kinds of joy.

I have even started plotting my next book, which would make me way ahead of the game with my publishing timeline for 2019.

We even hosted a Super Bowl party yesterday that was filled with amazing neighbors and my favorite kiddos from our block (aka, all of them).

Regardless, I know things aren’t perfect. In fact, just because of that, I’ll mention a few things that aren’t so great this week. Just for balance.

My face is breaking out. My dog has been irritating. My house needs a good clean. I need to schedule doctor’s appointments to stay on top of personal issues.

Even though things are an endless cycle of ups and downs, it feels amazing to know that when I push through the struggle, there can be something positive on the other side.

What are you struggling with right now?


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