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One of the things I love love love doing is making quote images/graphics for book releases. There is nothing more satisfying than pulling out an amazing quote and finding just the right image and fonts to make it pop.

I know I can’t be the only one who loves doing this, so I’m doing an obnoxiously massive giveaway between now and a few weeks after Like You Want It releases.

To participate, follow the below rules:

  1. Select one of the quotes listed below
  2. Make it into a graphic
  3. Post it on Instagram
  4. Tag me in the photo (@jillianliota) and use #LikeYouWantIt and #JillianLiota

That’s it! So what’s the giveaway?

Each week, I’ll select a winner who will received a signed paperback copy of Like You Want It. I will also be picking my absolute favorite at the very end, and that person will receive a Kindle Fire with Alexa!!!

To be honest, I haven’t picked an end date for this yet. It will continue until at least a week after release day (March 25), but might go longer. We will just have to wait and see.

So what are you waiting for!!! Pick a quote below and get started!

  • Looking at her is like looking at the sun. It’s blinding. It blocks out everything else around me, then leaves that leftover haze once she’s gone.
  • I made a decision a long time ago that a relationship that was aimed to go anywhere was going in the wrong direction for me. And I can’t let anyone change that.
  • I can’t see any positives in trading away the certainty of happiness just because of the potential for pain.
  • Sometimes, wanting someone just isn’t enough.
  • It looks like telling him to leave is my thing. Walking away is his. What a horrible pair we make.
  • This isn’t someone else’s life. This is mine. If I need to cut the wounds a little bit deeper to pull out the bullet? So be it.
  • Trusting you and trusting you with my heart are two completely different things. I can believe you’ll tell the truth, but not believe that you’ll love me like I deserve.
  • If something’s important enough, if you want it bad enough, it won’t matter if you’re scared. You’ll jump in feet first anyway.
  • It might be imperfect. It might not always make you happy. But it’s important to cherish the love you’re given, because it won’t always be there.
  • The most important relationships in your life are the ones you want. The ones you choose even when everything falls apart.

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