MONDAY MINUTE – 03.04.19

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Okay so I’ve definitely skipped a few Monday Minute posts over the past few weeks as I focused on getting the finishing touches of Like You Want It all sorted. Apologies! I’m trying really hard to be consistent and to follow through with the things I’ve promised myself I’ll do, and I managed to miss one of these things within the first two months


Alright, moving on.

I did an ‘unplug’ this weekend, and went device-free for all of Sunday. I’m gonna share a little bit about that coming up. So look for a new post later this week!

Did you see the competition I’m hosting? Check it out HERE. I hope people participate, mainly because I’d love to interact with readers. But also because I’m giving away a Kindle Fire at the end!

I’ve been slowly beginning to write my next book (yay!) and I’ve gotten wonderful feedback from a romance writing class I’m taking about the story so far. I haven’t even named the characters yet, though. So, while I can’t wait to introduce you to them, I don’t even know who they are yet.

On a personal note, I’ve fallen a little bit off the path of healthy decisions for my body. We recently celebrated my 32nd birthday, and I’ve been really enjoying the chance to nosh on all of the things I love to eat. SO. Time to hop back on the healthy train starting TODAY.

Lastly, it is Women’s History Month! Make sure you’re taking advantage of the opportunities your schools and churches and community centers provide to learn more about why we are all superheroes!

That’s all for this week! Love you all!


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