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How would you describe Like You Want It in a nutshell?
It’s about a young woman, Carly, who feels a bit lost in life, though she has a very clear picture of who she is as a person. And about a young man, Fin, who is the exact opposite. Focused and determined, but doesn’t really know who he is. It’s a story about love, definitely. But it’s also a snapshot in time of two imperfect people trying to figure out how to create happiness in a life that hasn’t treated either of them very kindly so far.

What are the tropes you hit in this book?
1) Best friend’s older brother
2) Enemies to lovers
3) Ex-military
4) Scarred hero (i.e. scars from the past)

Who is your favorite character?
Definitely Carly. The majority of the book is told from her perspective, and I just feel a connection with her that I haven’t felt with my other characters. My husband laughed when I said I was going to write Carly’s story, because when he read Like You Mean It (the first book in the series, where Carly is briefly introduced) he told me that I’d based Carly on myself, which I didn’t even realize at the time. But it’s so true. Much of who she is can be seen in how I see the world and how I experience and relate to things. So she is definitely, definitely my favorite.

What does the title mean in relation to what happens in the book?
One of the themes throughout this book is the characters being uncertain about what they want, whether that be from each other, from life in general, from work or other relationships. And the title, Like You Want It, is supposed to be a hint that they have to go after what they want in life (or in their relationships) like they really want it. Make a decision. Decide what you want. Go for it.

If your book was made into a movie, what celebrities would star in it?
Oh this is easy. I posted a vision board on Pinterest (HERE), and my characters for this book are easily Mila Kunis as Carly, and Tom Hardy as Fin. Such a sexy pair.

What is different about this book compared to your others ones?
There is a lot different in this series from my first books, which were New Adult and written more for a college age. I think the characters in this series in general have a more mature voice. I’d also argue that my writing has improved and I’m better at character development. But the biggest difference in this specific book is that it is a lot more sexual. My other books have been fade to black, or no sex at all. This one turns a very different page. So, definitely 18+ on the reading age, and not for readers who get uncomfortable with the sexy stuff. Because it gets pretty intense.

Why should a reader pick up this book?
I think there are a lot of options out there for reading romance right now. A lot of amazing options. And I would be honored if you decide to read anything I’ve written. Where I think I fit as an author, among so many other phenomenal authors, is that my characters could be your neighbors. The situations they face are real. Real frustration and discomfort and let downs. Failed relationships and imperfect people and love that is scary. Irritating siblings and best friends who let you down. Parents who sacrifice everything for their kids, and children who fall over when learning to ride their bikes. I hope when a reader looks at my books, they know they’re getting a story that feels like a cross between everyday life and fantasy (because we all love an HEA).

Like You Want It releases March 25 on Amazon. Pre-order your copy today!


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