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I think the hardest thing about being an indie author is keeping yourself organized. There are so many things to get done, in such a sporadically planned amount of time, and no one to really hold you to task.

So, I’ve followed in the footsteps of those authors who’ve come before me, that post and share about the ways they work to keep themselves on top of things, and I’ve created for myself a 90-Day Plan and a Kanban Board.

First of all, if you’re interested in this, I highly recommend checking out Sarra Cannon’s YouTube Channel, Heart Breathings, which I watch on a regular basis. She’s really into being organized, planners, and creative ways to keep yourself on track.

Last year, I began with a 90-Day Plan. This year, I added in the Kanban Board. Together? These two things have been phenomenal in keeping me on target.

Below is a little update on how I’ve held myself accountable and what I’ve accomplished in the first quarter of 2019. The items in italics were not completed

Goal: Develop

  • Create a vision statement
  • Select a business name
  • Create a 2020 publishing plan
  • Create a new business idea
  • Create a 2019 marketing plan
  • Register business name in Hawaii

Goal: Write

  • Complete book #4 (writing, editing, beta reading, etc)
  • Create book #4 cover, blurb, marketing materials
  • Schedule takeovers, send to bloggers, and other book promotion
  • Begin writing book #5
  • Outline Hughes Series

Goal: Improve

  • Read ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’
  • Read ‘Never Eat Alone’
  • Complete 10 week Gotham Writer’s Workshop
  • Complete marketing courses through section 3
  • Begin personal branding course

Goal: Engage

  • Implement social media plan
  • Launch new branding
  • Create April-June content calendar
  • Brainstorm new engagement ideas
  • Research options for follower growth

It was quite the quarter. And even though there are a handful of things I didn’t focus on or make a priority to complete, I know that I went above and beyond my own expectations with what I’ve accomplished.

I want to encourage anyone who values organization, planning, etc. to look at 90-day plans and kanban boards as a viable option for keeping yourself on track. It has helped give me visual ways to motivate and encourage myself when it comes to completing my tasks.

Have questions? Just pop a comment below! Or email me at the contact link at the top.


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