LAZY SUNDAY – March ’19

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Welcome to the end of March! Can anyone else believe how quickly we’ve blown through a quarter of the year? Goodness. That went by in a blink, for sure! This month I was a bit more focused on the release of my recent novel (check it out here!) but I still managed to carve out some time to enjoy myself. I hope the info below is helpful 🙂

Books to Read

Something I’ve struggled with in life is maintaining relationships. From elementary school through high school and college, to working at various universities and now working on my own, I’ve always kind of flitted from one friend group to another, never working hard to retain friendships as I’ve moved on to the next stage of life.

While Keith Ferrazzi’s book, Never Eat Alone, is definitely aimed at networking and the business world, there’s something to be said about how intentional he is in regards to remembering people. Their names, faces, the things they say to him.

His methodical approach actually reminds me of myself when I started college. I’d decided I was going to do better at remembering people, so I created 3×5 cards with people’s names and things I remembered about them. This was the year before Facebook was invented, so the instant access to people and information wasn’t as readily available. I thought it was a good idea, until some friends saw the box and told me it was kind of creepy. So I chucked the whole thing out.

The book is a lot to get through, and some of it feels slightly repetitive and self-aggrandizing. However, I think there are definitely a few things in here that will help me in the future in regards to both business and personal life relationships.

I really enjoy R.S. Grey’s books, mostly because she knows how to make really funny situations seem plausible. She also writes honest-to-goodness good characters. Good people. People that would live next door to you.

Her most recent release, Make Me Bad, is one of those stories. Now, don’t get fooled by the title. I think the title makes the book sound like it’s going to be nothing but sex, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is a story about a goody-two-shoes who still lives at home in her mid-twenties, and how she falls in with the town bad boy and learns to break some rules. This was a quick, fun read of the romance variety.

Shows to Watch

My brother-in-law loves the show Survivor, so my husband and I have been playing catch up to try and watch the current season with him. We are SO SO close. One more season to go!

The hardest season to watch was season 30. Mainly because I didn’t like a single person in the top 6 or 7 people. And I think that’s a risk you take with any season. But the season we just completed? 33, I think. Full of ‘characters’ that were just good TV. Compelling life stories and character arcs where people grow and change. It was phenomenal. And I can’t wait to get caught up!

A friend of mine suggested Married at First Sight recently. My husband and I get together with friends every few weeks to watch it. I’m gonna be honest, I was incredibly skeptical at first (sight, ahahaha). But let me tell you, once you get into it, just… wow.

There are obviously things we don’t like. The continued touting of the word ‘science’ to describe the way the couples were paired together (bullshit). The forced time period of six weeks before the couple decide if they’re getting a divorce. The fact that a lot of people clearly think they’re ready to get married when it is so very clear, very early, that they’re not.

But at the heart of it, the show hits at something interesting. And the couples are fascinating to watch as they jump into a new relationship and try to make it work. I highly recommend this baby, and I’ll be heading off to watch the start of season two next weekend!

My Lazy Sunday

Today my husband and I are going to bum around the house and keep up with our attempt at catching up with Survivor. What are YOU doing with your Sunday?


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