MONDAY MINUTE – 04.08.19

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The past week has been incredibly up and down as I’ve begun writing my next book, Promise Me Nothing. It’s hard to explain, but I guess the best way I can describe the process of writing the first few chapters is that it is a bit like trudging through mud uphill while it’s raining. Super tough, and you feel a little lost and bogged down and how am I gonna get through this again.

But this weekend was pretty great, because I finally saw the end of my book. I’m writing a bit more dramatic, this time around. A little more Gossip Girl meets The O.C., which isn’t outside of my comfort zone but does require a different level of attention. Because even though I loved those shows, I stopped enjoying them as much when things were just too crazy. Too off the deep end. Too hard to believe.

And that’s not what I want with this next book. Yes, it’s going to have some twists. Some dramatics. Some elitist nonsense that feels a but much. But I still want it to represent the type of writing that is quintessentially me. Something that feels true to who I am as a person, and that communicates what I want to the world.

I’m not going to share much about it just yet. But I will tell you that the two main characters have names! Hannah Morrison and Wyatt Calloway. I am so enjoying the process of writing their story, figuring out the things that make them tick.

Hopefully I’ll have more exciting news for you next week! If you have a chance, pop a note below to tell me what TV show is your guilty pleasure 🙂


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