MONDAY MINUTE – 07.08.19

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What a busy, busy month it has been! So many amazing experiences and adventures and new things on the horizon! Here’s a recap:

  • A dear friend left the island and moved to Texas (insert sobbing)
  • Husby and I celebrated 8 years of marriage
  • I released a book! Check out Promise Me Nothing on Amazon…
  • Book club read for June: Bonfire by Krysten Ritter (3 stars!)
  • Sister asked me to be her Maid of Honor. She’s getting married!
  • Husby and I travelled to the east coast to visit siblings and friends, and to go wedding dress shopping with my sister

Surprisingly? There are still some AMAZING and EXCITING things on the horizon that have me continuing to look forward instead of back. What are those things?

  • Girls trip to Maui for a friend’s birthday
  • Announcing the next Hermosa Beach Series book
  • A Stranger Things marathon with neighbors and friends
  • Working my booty off to lose a few pounds for sister’s wedding
  • More Book Club goodness
  • Book Bonanza in Dallas in just THIRTY DAYS!

In between all of that, I have to finish writing this next book, keep up on administrative stuff, and make sure I still take time for me.

I think I forgot how busy the summer can get, but I can’t wait for all of it!

What’s exciting coming up for you?


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