2019 Recap & Reflection

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I think it’s fairly common for us to forget the importance of reflection. Not only does it provide us with a chance to remind ourselves of our hard work and successes, it also gives us an opportunity to identify areas where we might not have pushed hard enough (or pushed too hard), and how we can go about making wiser, more thoughtful, healthier decisions.

In looking back at my 2019, I can definitely say:

  • I found an organizational system that works for me (though I’m still making tweaks and edits to refine it)
  • I hit the ground running at the start of the year and really accomplished a lot
  • My ability to manage my time, stay motivated, and push forward working by myself has definitely improved
  • It feels like I’ve gotten to know myself as a writer on a different and more thoughtful level

But I can also acknowledge that:

  • My hard work started to peter out towards the end of the year – both as a result of laziness AND the fact that I travelled 11 times last year (omg exhausting, and NOT something I will be repeating)
  • Even though I did achieve some of my goals, others I feel far short of and will need to put renewed effort behind
  • Giving myself the freedom to choose what days I write and what days I don’t isn’t as effective as I like to think it is
  • I still have a lot to learn when it comes to marketing

My husband and I also started a routine this year where we put notes into a jar every time we do something we are proud of. And then on New Year’s Eve, we’d read them off to each other. Unfortunatley, my hubs was sick on NYE so we went to bed at 9pm (we’re so old!) but we did get a chance to look at them a few days later and my mind was BLOWN at how many things I’d forgotten.

In the spirit of reflection in regards to accomplishments, I was able to sit down and spend time thinking about the positives and challenges of 2019, and it really reminded me that even though I still have an uphill battle to get to where I want to be, I did some crazy amazing things with year!

  • published 3 books (300,000+ words)
  • participated in my first 2 author signings
  • created and followed a business plan, annual plan, and professional development plan
  • completed training courses in marketing on Facebook and Amazon
  • reached follower goals on Instagram and Facebook Fan Page
  • created a reader group (which is already at 350+ members!)
  • printed bookmarks for author swag

And I know there are some things I’m forgetting, too.

That’s what’s crazy about reflections. I can sit here and probably list off in extreme detail all of the ways I failed this year. Everything I didn’t write. All of the opportunities I missed. All the ways I let myself down. But that list up there of all the positive things I’ve done this year? It took a while to create. It was so hard to remind myself of the GOOD. Of the POSITIVE. The thing I worked hard on. All the ways I made myself proud.

So that’s what I want to encourage you to do. Yes, I know we are already a few days into January. Yes, I know life is crazy as everyone gets back into routines and kids are going back to school and jobs are picking up again.

But TAKE. THE. TIME. Even just a few minutes. Sit your booty down and list out everything wonderful you accomplished in 2019. All the ways you made yourself proud.

I promise, it will be worth it.

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